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Only conventions? Really?

This weekend, I went to my first business convention in a long time and I was stunned by some of the conversations that I had with exhibitors. Some of these small businesses are spending $1,000 or more on travel fees over 4 days AND THEY DON’T DO ANY BUSINESS ONLINE. You can get a simple…
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February 15, 2019 0
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6 Ways Business Owners Can Use The Internet To Get More Customers

Written by Joe Waters at Waters Web Consulting. These six tips will show Business Owners how to use the Internet to bring a steady stream of new customers to their business. Gone are the days that people would visit your business to determine if they want to use your services. Nowadays, people turn to the internet…
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January 15, 2019 0
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Social Media Success – Understanding the Marketplace by Tyrone Green

About me I come from a background in sales. While in college, I did everything from door to door selling for a fiber optic company to managing 3 cellular phone company locations; my responsibility was and still is understanding people, generating leads, building relationships and converting customers.   Now, I manage and coordinate social media…
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December 15, 2018 0

Papa John’s and Coke – Dissociative and Associative Advertising

Basically, if something bad happens with your business, most times, you want to dissociate from it. If something good can be associated with your business, you usually want to make that connection for consumers. These marketing techniques are simple. They are taught in entry-level marketing classes in college, and although simple, they can have simply…
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October 15, 2018 0

Social Media for Tanning Salons

I recently came across an article written in 2016 about social media in the tanning salon industry and thought that it would be beneficial to share. This research was supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, Prevention Research Center and showed that: There is no research investigating…
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September 15, 2018 0

5 Ways tо Bооѕt Yоur Small Buѕіnеѕѕ Onlіnе Prеѕеnсе

  Smаll buѕіnеѕѕеѕ оftеn ѕtrugglе tо bооѕt оnlіnе рrеѕеnсе. Chооѕіng the mоѕt efficient wауѕ аnd tools can bе hаrd, еѕресіаllу when thеrе’ѕ ѕuсh a big ѕuррlу.   Aѕ a small business оwnеr mоnеу іѕ оftеn tіght, еѕресіаllу іn tоdау’ѕ есоnоmу; and рrореr оrgаnіс SEO campaigns & оngоіng оrgаnіс marketing саmраіgnѕ аrе usually оutѕіdе of thе…
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August 15, 2018 0

Drone Video for Small Business

Videography and photography are some of the best ways to show your customers your business. If your business is on a smaller scale with items such as diamonds or cupcakes, macro photography is probably your best bet. On the other hand, large projects such as solar farms or adventure sports are usually better portrayed through…
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July 15, 2018 0
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Intro to Influencer Marketing: Services Edition

How can you use influencer marketing for your service-based business? Influencer marketing for services is different than influencer marketing for product-based businesses because there is no product that can outweigh your relationships with customers. What I’m talking about here is strictly service businesses (not SaaS or products where service is just as integral in the business…
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June 15, 2018 0
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Social Proof in Business

How does social proof in business affect your customers? Social proof is the reason most people spend their time doing what they do. Also, it is why you are most like the 5 people you spend the most time around. Think about this; If five of your closest friends were millionaires, how long do you think…
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May 15, 2018 0